Party pictures part 2- hair

We (Lucy, Lyndi, Leah, Paige, and I)decided that my hair would look better with gel, hairspray, a hairdryer, and even a fan put to it.

This is Lyndi, hairspraying my hair

Here I am showing off my hair
We were still working on it
This is the back
I might be leaning back a little bit, but not much in this picture, that is all hair spray, gel
Sorry this picture is sideways, this is me, with the hairdryer

this is lyndi trying tomake her hair as cool as mine, even though it just stayed like it was( mainly because her dad came then)
We crimped Leahs hair, it was very pretty, just like her moms!

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Cynthia said...

What I am wondering is why those last two pictures were taken in teh pantry? Why were you doing your hair in the pantry?