An Awesome gift.

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Yesterday we recieved a package in the mail. hmmm what could it be? Nobody knew.

We shook it- it jingled.

What could it be, we all asked?

We decided to open it, and what did we find?

why it was *CTR rings from Ben Carter.

We are soooo thankful for this! He gave us like 20 rings in all shapes and sizes. We each took a couple that we liked the best, and now we all have ( at least 2) CTR rings!

It is very exciting! - I even have a pink one, to match all my stuff!

Thanks elder Carter!!!

*CTR stands for Choose The Right.

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Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

That is so cool! My sister has given me her sterling silver (no color) CTR ring to pass down to Taylor. That ring means a lot to us. What a wonderful reminder. I have it in a very special place.