Family Home Evening (FHE)

We had a funny fhe last Monday. It went something like this..

Dad welcomed us, we had opening prayer and song. Dad then turned it over to Lucy who had the activity (we did the activity first because we had to do it outside and wanted to do it before dark.)
Guess what the activity was.

A spitting contest!!!

Lucy got a pitcher of water and dyed it green and we had a spitting contest. Dad won.

Then we came back inside for the lesson- by Molly.
Molly is only 7 so her lesson was just to show us a picture and then to ask us questions. The topic was baptism. We had a conversation that was a little bit different, this is how it went...

Molly: Who knows where Jesus was baptised?

Everybody: waving hands around widely to show how excited we are that she taught us so well.

Molly: Dad.

Everybody: Man I can't believe that she didn't choose me! (sarcastically)

Molly: (at the same time we were talking) Reading ahead in her lesson, not paying any attention to what is going on.

Everybody: gets quiet, waiting for Molly, and Dad to answer.

Molly: Realizes that everybody has gotten quiet and looks up.

Dad: (without ever answering) Did I get it right?

Molly: (not hearing what dad answered, but sure, since he is dad, was right) Say's Yes, good job!!

(We all laughed)

Molly: asks next question

Everybody: waves hand around widely

Molly: William

William: answer's question.

Molly: asks next question

Everybody: waving hands wildly( except for William, since he just answered he figured that he wouldn't get called on again so he just has his hand up.)

Molly: William

William: answers question.

Molly: asks next question

Everybody: waving hands wildly (except for William who is sure that since he just answered the last 2 questions that it is somebody else's turn, he doesn't even raise his hand)

Molly: William

William: answers question( looking around to see if anybody else realizes this weird thing that is happening- we all do)

Molly: That's my lesson- Thanks for participating!

Yeah, she just picked dad for the first one and William for all the rest- oh well, she is 7.

We then take the pie that mom has made and take it over to the bishops house. At the bishops house dad finds a craw dad and shows it to us. Mom is horrified. Then after dad puts the crawdad back, molly comes up and gently rubs against mom, mom screams thinking that it is the crawdad. Then me, who is standing right next to her screams, then Lucy who is standing right next to me, then the bishops wife and daughter scream because they are standing right next to Lucy. We all laugh then because we realize that we all screamed just because molly rubbed up against mom- well mom didn't laugh because she doesn't think that it is funny when we pretend that some animal is touching her. When we are heading out to the car Lucy rubs up against mom, and she screams again.

It was a fun Family Home Evening!


Jessica G. said...

That's too funny about the screaming! Totally sounds like something we would have done as kids.

Chrys said...

I love that you guys have family home evening and have so much fun!