Rachel's Party, part 1, the skittles game

Elder Carter told a story about us on his blog, so here is a post dedicated to him. Have any of you guys ever heard of the skittles game? I hadn't either until a couple of years ago when elder Ben Carter came over and taught us how to play. When Elder Carter played this game, he actually threw it up on the carpet, and then ate it again!! The object of the game is to get as grossed out as you possibly can, and then throw up because you ate so much. How you play is.. You take a big bag of skittles. the first person draws 2 skittles from the bag. If they are the same color, you may chew. If they are not the same color you just have to sit there with them in your mouth and not chew. More often than not, you draw out to different colors. If you draw out 2 of the same colors, chew fast, because you have to stop chewing when the next person draws out 2 of the same colors, or if it gets back to you. This is Lucy after not chewing for a while.
Page, trying to keep them all in.
Lindy, she couldn't stop laughing.

Beautiful me!
Yeah!! I drew out two the same color!
Poor Leah (both the picture above me and below) she only got to chew like 2 times the entire game! Needless to say,this is NOT her favorite game

It was kinda hard to keep it in, as you see from Lyndi's face.

I don' t know what happened here, but it looks like a skittle that didn't want to get eaten. Part 2 to come. What happens when this group of girls gets into a bottle of hairspray and gel?


Kristi Moffitt said...

It looks like you guys had fun! I love skittles. Not as much as Airheads or Starburst, but they are pretty close.

Ben said...

Thanks Rachel- The skittle game, very choice.

Michelle said...

Looks like you girls had alot of fun!!

Anonymous said...

We're going to play this at my daughter's birthday party tonight. Looks like fun! Hope I have enough skittles on hand.