Day lilies anyone?

Edit* I forgot to tell you that the cost for the day lilies is $1.00 and $2.00 for me to come and plant them( if you live close by, if not, you have to also pay for my plane ticket and my food :) )

This year for *girls camp we have been advised to earn some of the money ourselves and not to rely entirely on our parents, or whoever pays for it.

So to help us out we have the wonderful (drum roll please) TIM HITCHOCK!!! Brother Hitchock has said that he will donate day lilies if we would sell them and take all of the money and use it to pay for girls camp.

If anybody would like to buy some( if you live close enough so that i can give them to you, or you can pay for them to be mailed, if they can be mailed) just give me a call! (if you want my #, leave a comment) Again all this is made possible by the wonderful TIM HITCHOCK!! Thanks so mush Brother Hitchock!!

*Girls camp is a church camp that we go to every year between the ages of 12 and 18, it is the best camp in the world!!!


Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

How much are you girls selling them for a piece? Ah, Girls Camp, now those are the GREATEST memories you WILL NEVER Forget!!!

Tenara King said...

Rachel, this is Tenara King (Kenneth's wife) from church. I was wondering if you were still selling these? If so, how long will you be selling them? I need to talk to Kenneth, but I would love to buy some!!!

Tenara King said...

Rachel, I want some flowers actually me, my mom, and my sister want some. You have business with us. I had some questions. Do you know what colors they will be? Also, how big they will get? If you do not know the answers thats fine. I will still buy. I believe we want around 25 of them all together. Where and when can I meet you? Thanks so much Tenara

Tenara King said...

Ok that sounds great. Yes 25 total. Thanks so much!