Watch out!

For all of you that are over 16, you better be careful! William has finished his eagle project, so that means...

He got his DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!

It was very dramatic!

He finished his eagle on Saturday, but couldn't get his license because they wouldn't be open- or on Sunday. On Monday he went to get his license- he was sooooo excited. Unfortunately When he got there, guess what They were closed! So he finally got it on Tuesday. He drove Ella to ball practice, and then this morning he drove himself to school, then today after school he took Harrison, Bryce, and himself to band practice. This is a very exciting time for us all!


Michelle said...

Way to go William!!

Have you ridden with him yet??

TK said...

It is scary how quickly everyone grows up... pretty soon it will be your turn! Then it will be scary... TROUBLE MAKER! haha