This is another one of those emails I liked and thought that you might like too.
It looks like this bird has no head! Ahhhhh
How do you think those shoes made that shadow?

How sweet!

Realize how the light from the spaceship is right on the boy? do you think he is still on the Earth, or did they take him back?

I repeat, How sweet!

This picture didn't copy so well. In the good picture you can really tell that the crane looks like it is holding the moon there, or about to pick it up.


Emily said...

Wow Rachel! Love the pictures. Wonder where you got them.... Wink* Wink* lol. I love the shoe picture, do you think it is photo shopped? :) SMILE ALWAYS!!

Emily said...

oh hey! By the way, you forgot the totally cute picture of the seal thing..... Yeah, that's all, I'll leave you alone now. (yeah right) lol. again, SMILE ALWAYS!!! :)