Lets go play outside..time to come in, it is snowing!

Yesterday was so nice! The weather was so lovely that we all decided to stay outside most of the day(with the exception of William because he was sick) The temp. was like in the 60s or something!It was marvelous! We played on our barn roof and then we just hung around. It was fun!
Then today- it snows! That is exciting because tomorrow we don't have school!

Here we all are playing on the barn-except me and William. Me because I am taking the pictures and William because he is sick.

Ella, Ella, Ella- she was trying to walk the beam!

This is Molly- she likes to feel the wind.

This is about 1/2 of Harrison and about 3/4 of Ella. It was hard to get a good picture because they were having a race or something.

It was so warm that we didn't even all wear shoes!

Then today- It snows!!

We had to build a fire!

Look at the suburban- it is covered with snow!


Chrys said...

the weather has been crazy like that here too. We were in shorts last week and last night it was 20 degrees! YOU would never catch me on top of the ANY roof! I am so afraid of heights. Just looking at these pics gave me the heebeejeebees!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by my site!

Playing on the barn roof...now that is not something you hear everyday. It sounds like fun!