Williams Birthday Pictures

Here is a BLT. William's favorite sandwich. We ate BLT's on William's Birthday.This is a picture of someone in my family( I am not going to say who because they don't like their picture taken and I had to talk them into letting me post this one.
This is William after Molly and Ella finished feeding him part of the pie that got stuck on the candles, I have this picture again later, and again I am sorry.
This is William blowing out candles. He took his time and tried to blow them out one at a time.
Lucy carrying the pie with candles to William.

The candles, before they are lit.
William counting to make sure that there are 16 candles.
Dinner on Williams b-day.
Dinner on Williams B-day.
William got this book from Lucy.
This is a BLT, one of Williams favorite meals.

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