Wiiliam's Present from G.ma

Tomorrow is Williams b-day, he will be 16 years old, yes that means that all of you that drive need to be very careful because he might be getting his drivers license!! For Williams birthday from g.ma and g.pa William asked for some money because he was saving up for a car, so what do they get him? well, money of course! but how much? Well they decided to put a decent chunk into his car payment.

guess how much he got!!

keep guessing!

It is possible that you got it right by now, but not likely.


Well, I guess that it is time to go to the bank.


Mariposa said...

WOOT! 4K is MONEY! ;)

ella said...

boy, i wish i could have that much money!

Chrys said...

I love how you write! that is awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM! Spencer's grandparents wanted to get him a truck/car for Christmas. WE said NO, because it is our job and his to get him a car. Spencer's truck cost about that much. he loves it. You could probably get something around there pretty low cost.