The Name of my Bog, and Why

You have probably noticed that the name of my blog is a little different. There are reasons for that. You see I am the only one that lives down in our unfinished basement. It floods sometimes, and yes if we by any chance have mice that year that is were they hang out, but who cares i'v got my own room!! Also where it is unfinished I can paint the walls and floor any color that i want. Guess what the colors are! You got it- the floor is hot pink and the walls are Pepto Bismal pink. That is why my name is the Pink Basement dweller. now when you say my name you have to make sure it is in a very deep voice!! That is how I do it atleast!!


Lil Mouse said...

pink is not my color, but i'm glad you have found something you like. enjoy and have fun with your blog!

Michelle said...

You do have a very cool room. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE PINK!!!

I don't know if I could deal with the spiders and mice, but your bed is totally COOL!!!