catching up

okay I have not posted since we left for Disney World. A couple of things have happened.

One thing that happened is that my contest is over and Michelle won!! congratulations!
your package will be arriving soon.

Another thing is that we got back from Disney World- It was awesome!
You know how on some of the rides they take your picture? well, they do. Anyway my grandfather bought us a POSTER SIZE!!! picture of us on one of those rides. We are going to put it above our bathroom. Lucy joked that now when people are sick they might have an easier job throwing up! head over to my moms blog to get the full story of what we did there.

William is trying to find a job- way to go, and hopefully you can find it!

Lucy and I had our birthday on Tuesday March 25. I got an Ipod video, efy (a cool camp), a shopping trip, a necklace, a towel, and some candy.

Lucy and I got to go shopping in Murfresboro yesterday and stay the night at Gretchen's, she has pictures.

I got an award!! It is pretty darn exciting!

Well, that is about all that happened here lately.

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