What Mom Found

Guess what mom found?

Go ahead and guess.

She found Williams CAR KEYES!!!!

It was an exciting day! Mom and William went to go and look for Williams keyes agian where he played paintball, this time though, they took a medal decter. Well, me, papa, dad, and william have all looked for his keyes at the exact same place that mom looked once and found them. What is it that moms have that enables them to find lost stuff? I don't know, do you?


Chrys said...

YEAH! We have the mom factor! It is much like the hot factor only hotter! LOL, I am so glad she found the keys! woohoo, huckabuckabean stalk. I guess William needs to pay her. I didn't even know that metal detectors existed anymore.

gretchen said...

Aunts have the same factor. I guess I should've come and tried. I am so glad they are found. Good lesson learned. Heaven knows how many times I HAVE LOST MY KEYS! And your Dad has rolled his eyes at me hundreds of times for it. Guess William is just taking a bit after me!!!
Glory Glory he has keys to his new ride. That's all that counts! Right?