William's Car

What did William buy with his birthday $?

I'll give you a hint... He turned 16.

That's right, he got a car!!! It is a black Nissian Sentra. This is not Williams exact car, but it looks just like it. I couldn't get the pictures of his car to load onto blogger.

So William got his car on Friday. Then guess what he did on Saturday? No, he did not take it for a sweet ride. Come on, keep guessing.
Well Saturday morning he went and cut some wood for the rest of winter.
Then he went and played paint-ball with his friend in the woods.
Then he went to the friends house and played.
During that time, something was lost, but what?
I'll give you a hint. You have to have this to use the car.

Yes, he lost his only set of keys. These are not just keys that you can replace for like $10. Oh,no these are keys that cost about $100 to replace!!
Okay, so we have looked in his room, at the spot where he played paintball, and at the friends house, anymore ideas?

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Chrys said...

We use to have a car before our Expedition. I loved it. I had to trade it in for a car that fit us. If I lost that key it would have cost us almost $200 to replace it. It had a computer chip in it. I am famous for losing and misplacing keys, or having keys run through the washer. This key went through the washer. I was so worried. Having a high dollar on a key taught me to keep up with it. Our expedition is a keyless entry. There are no worries. I just hide the keys in the car and lock the doors.