Camp was awesome!!!! I don't have any pictures because they are all on Lucy's camera and I don't know where she is at this moment. Maybe, I will have time a little later. Here is the major events of girls camp:


  • We got there

  • I found out that I got to room with Meredith Matheny and Lindsey Riches- yay

  • That night we had President Maredith come and speak with us- he is a great speaker and always has a great message.


  • We had Certification.
  • We had a "hike"
  • We got to go on a wonderful Night Walk that Megan G. made for us- it was absolutely awesome!


  • superhero training
  • skits- preformed by cabins. Our cabin did superhero idol. I was Simon, Paula, and the other guy, I cant remember his name


  • Lunch or disaster, I think it turned out as a disaster, we had no pickles and the cheese had water in it :(
  • talent show night, Megan G. Lucy (my sis) Leah P. and I did a superman skit. We got the theme song of superman and acted it out. The stake leaders did a funny skit, go to moms blog to see it. I am serious that it is funny- they all dressed up as chickens and did the chicken dance, remember that this is not a bunch of kids, but a bunch of adults!


  • cleanup time :(
  • award time- I got the craft cabin award. It was a radio that looks like something little tykes would make, but it works! I also got a bee water bottle, a purple bracelet, and a whole lot of candy!
  • good bye camp: (

I also did Secret Sisters at camp. This is were you spend about $10 on gifts for the week and when you get to camp, you get a name of a girl at camp. Everyday you give your "Secret Sister" a gift. I had Meredith Matheny and I gave her:

  • a water gun
  • clay and chalk
  • Hannah Montana gummies and pop rocks
  • These glasses that are a straw, you put one end of the glasses in the drink, and the other in your mouth when the take a drink, it goes all the way around there eyes and then into there mouth. I also got her a nail kit.
  • On the last day I got her wax melts. (wax, tea lights, and a special container thingy that holds the wax and the tea lights while they are burning)

Amber Hill had me and this is what she got me:

  • a really nice journal
  • a picture frame
  • gummy bears- yum!
  • a huge lolly pop and a wind thingy (you hand it up and it twirls around in the wind)
  • she gave me something else, but i don't remember what it was.

All in all, camp was , as always, awesome!

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Michelle said...

Well, it sounds like you guys really had fun!!