efy line dance

This is the efy line dance that we do at efy( especially for youth) All the kids at efy will get on the dance floor and do it. The 2 kids in the back ( William and I) went to efy while the 2 kids at front (Ella and Molly) did not go to efy. I will have more pictures tomorrow when I get my pictures. For now, here is the line dance that we have taught my Lil sisters.


Heather said...

Ha Ha I love it!lol This is Mer by the way... I was sitting here doing it along with you lol. That was SO much fun. Was that your first dance too?

Mother Goose said...

Warrior said when he went out to UT, BYU they were doing it there too. too funny! He said it is a lot of fun when everyone does it.

Mother Goose said...

Rachel, I have just tagged you and your fun life. Please come to my blog for the details.